Nilsun Kish Company, by utilizing specialists in subsea cabling industry such as consultants and contractors, has the necessary capability, expertise, and experience in different stages of installation, implementation, commissioning, and repair of fiber optic and subsea power cables. Development of indigenous knowledge enables us to reduce risks of this activity and consequently decreasing projects’ costs.

A summary of the company’s capabilities in the subsea cable industry is as follow:

  1. Feasibility study and project planning

  2. Generating engineering documents and procedures and providing simulated software analysis and 3D

  3. Subsea pre-survey services and seabed preparation for cable laying

  4. Procurement of required items related to cable laying

  5. Execution of cabling operations with the most modern cabling equipment customized with cable laying by mean of Under Roller (capacity of Under roller is Up to 350 tons).

  6. Subsea cables repair and articulation

  7. Near shore protection services as well as the implementation of protection at intersections

  8. Post-installation survey by the latest subsea inspection methods and preparing final dossier

  9. Onshore-offshore tie-in onshore cable laying

  10. Providing services for modifying (adjusting) Vessels to a cable layer one by utilizing special equipment and tools on her

  11. Providing diving services equipped by international standard equipment and certificates

In 2021, NILSUN KISH Company completed successfully the Kish Garzeh cable laying project, including detailed design, procurement, and installing of subsea fiber optic cable from Kish Island landfall point to the gas power plant in Gorzeh, in Hormozgan province. These operations include shore pulling, normal cable laying, cable protection at crossing points and near shore and OTDR test of fiber optic cable with 33 mm diameter and length of 18 km.