Diesel generators installed in South Pars Gas Filed Development production platforms are known as the beating heart of platformsand the main source of electricity generation and therefore is of significant importance. Nilsun Kish Company won the tender and signed the contract by Pars Oil and Gas Company for maintenance and overhaul of all South Pars Gas Filed Development production platforms’ diesel generators. In order to accomplish the work in due time, with the highest quality with lowest cost, Nilsun Kish Company decided to construct a fully-equipped workshop in Bidkhoon, Asaluyeh city.

In this project, 74 diesel generators in 19 different types will be fundamentally Overhauled including tested, renovated by new parts and fixed. By help of execution team Diesel generators would be checked on platforms and transferred to workshop in order to be overhauled. Upon completion of renovation and test in workshop, DGs will be returned to South Pars platforms to be installed, commissioned, and handed over to the client while being guaranteed up to a maximum of 750 hours of operation at sea.

Under supervision of Nilsun Kish company, quality control experts evaluate the components operation and check the quality of parts during repairs based on the manual of diesel generator manufacturers. The experts of the engineering department, by help of software and up-to-date information obtained from manufacturers, identify the required parts for each diesel generator and procurement department supply and deliver them to maintenance department. Also, the experts of the commissioning department by utilizing advanced equipment, provide resolution to the electrical and mechanical problems.

Our company is benefited of experts in the field of engineering, procurement, maintenance, and commissioning, is committed to guarantee the electricity generation during the project period and ensuring continuous electricity generation in South Pars after handing over to the client.