According to the gas extraction from the wells of the phase 12C platform and pressure drop in that area, POGC as the beneficiary decided to relocation phase 12C platform to 11B.

The task of its implementation was entrusted to IOEC as the installation contractor and NSK as the pre-commissioning contractor. Hence, according to engineering unit, the existing pipeline is cut out from KP15 and the new line is joined by one piece of spool.

On the beginning based on engineering procedures and plans, NSK engineering unit as for existing information and documents has planned to investigate and design pre-commissioning operations and prepare pipeline for recovery. According to the first stage of operation design, the order to equip the workhouse was issued in two operation areas. Workhouse in the land area was created in the phase 12 of 9th refinery and workhouse in the sea zone was created in the platform of phase 12C. The mentioned operation started with 24 people consisting of experienced engineers and experts and expertism equipment related to Flooding and De-watering with the purpose of gas release from two lines (32 and 4 inches) in order to immunize lines for further activities. In this operation two high-tech floats (ABUZAR 1200 and C MASTER) supported the operation.

The 1st step of the operation was carried out by Nilsun Kish company on two pipelines (32-inch for transferring the product, 4-inch for transferring MEG) which is as follow:

Pig-running operation from platform to refinery was implemented during which important steps were taken such as; Flooding, flushing, Cutting out by skilled divers and De-watering the line. The first stage of operation finished over 20 days without any incidents.

The next step of operation like the past was performed according to engineering procedure in two dryness areas of the phase 12 of 9th refinery and the sea zone of the 11B platform. In this level 12 people including engineer and expert finished the operation over 10 days with the purpose of implementing complex operation, namely, FCG 15 kilometers long 32-inch pipeline, Flooding 133 kilometers long 32-inch pipeline, Flushing 133 kilometers long 4-inch pipeline. Maintain floating position and watering system in pipelines through 6-inch-high pressure hoses are the examples of complexity in this process, which based on climate change, had raised the sensitivity of performing the proceeding.

In this process, Nilsun kish engineering unit launched into designing and fabricating two manifolds for installing on head test under the sea so that there is no need to move the water hose constantly. At this stage, the operation was supported by the C-110.

At last, with C Angelo floating support in the area of the Phase 11B platform, over 5 days, it was carried out with the efforts of 11 engineers and specialists with the aim of hydrotesting the 15 km long 32- and 4-inch pipelines. One of the important points of this process was the simultaneous testing of both pipelines.