The development of South Pars Phase 11B (SP11B) is based on reuse of existing South Pars Phase 12C (SP12C) topside and ancillaries and SP12C sealine.

The sealine from SP11B Wellhead Platform will be connected to existing SP12C sealine to send SP11B production to SP12 onshore facilities in TOMBAK.

The 32” sea line with 4” MEG piggy back line with approximate length of 16 km connects the SP11B wellhead platform to the existing SP12C sealine at the KP of 18.00 km.

This is a first time decommissioning project in this scale and preparing platforms for dismantling that will be done on SPD12C and ancillaries by Nilsun kish company. Hook up, precommissioning, commissioning and start-up operation will be carried out in the next steps.

Nilsun Kish Company execute Platform & Sealine degassing and also pigging and hydro test operation of sealine.

All operations are in progress with highest standards and HSE procedure according to the project plan.