South Pars phase6 , 7 and 8 platforms are located 110 km away from Asaluyeh, which are responsible for producing an important part of the country’s gas needs. These platforms are in the second decade of their life, and each one alone has the task of sending a maximum of 1000 MMSCFD (gas and gas condensates) to the fourth Asalouye refinery. In one of the last days of the spring season of 2018, when the operators and workers of the platform The people of South Pars heard the explosion of the SPD9 platform, considering the extent of the burns and damages, no one imagined that this platform would be restored and put into operation again in the same year and in the shortest possible time. An important point. It was that in the very first days of this incident, after receiving the initial information and images from the platform and benefiting from the latest launch and modeling software, the launch team of Nilsun Kish Company, which had a successful history in construction and operation before this He had set up more than 12 South Pars platforms in his resume, he began to plan carefully to start and complete the work, based on the standards of today’s world. The launch of this platform, based on the schedule desired by the employer Realization of re-production was due to the approach of the cold season, which with the efforts of experienced Iranian forces, the schedule extracted item by item and hour by hour determined the path of the work. Diagnosing and preparing a list of problems was the first step in the implementation of this project, which, due to the uncertainty of the condition of the equipment due to the observation of serious injuries and the existence of oppressive sanctions for the provision of the required items, requires extensive planning in coordination with the main elements of the project. It is already visible. With the two passionate efforts of the executive operations team and the unity and integrity of the launch team, after three months of round-the-clock efforts of the onshore and offshore teams, in the middle of the fall of the same year of the accident, the SPD9 platform burner was lit and the resulting gas was sent to the onshore refinery to produce Melli should not be shaken due to the accident that was caused due to the engineering problem during the construction. ) was also identified and corrected in order to prevent the occurrence of related accidents. Also, the installation, completion and commissioning of the items related to the sub-systems that required purchase time were also carried out during a campaign in the same year, so that the items were completely delivered to the employer. The speed of action, order and operational experience and the high sensitivity of the project implementation team in returning the damaged platform to the production circuit are among the most important things that were praised by the managers of Pars Oil and Gas Company many times in this project.