Oil industry is the most effective and extensive in the world, especially in Iran. Nowadays, not only Oil and Gas are the significant sources of energy, but also, they play the main role in determination of the measure of national authority and international validity amongst different countries. The Oil and Gas industry in our country has become multifold important by the increasing number of their products over last years. In the last two decades, attention and reduction of dependence on raw sales have been the most important policy announced by the Supreme Leader in this arena. Intensification of international sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran showed that the solution to deal with cosmopolitan insufferable sanctions related to oil industry is based only on the implementation of general policies of the resistive economy.Nilsun Kish company was established in 1389 with the aim of creating a specialized and leading company in the field of Oil and Gas services. This company, by employing the expert and experienced people consisting of engineers and elite employees and also using the latest project management systems, software, tools and equipment, has been able to accomplish the numerous offshore platform commission projects in the Persian Gulf region and get unique records in this field. Some of the specialized fields of this company are: project management, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start up, providing engineering and commercial services, implementation of pre-com and commissioning projects, separation of platforms, operation, maintenance, construction of metal platforms, marine cabling, fabrication and hook up of marine platforms, submarine operation, implementation and commissioning of pipelines and intelligent tracking (offshore and onshore). Traversing this proud path was feasible just with seeking help from God and making the collective effort of my colleagues in Nilsun Kish. With this attitude, Nilsun Kish company has made it necessary to observe “technical and engineering standards” and implement correctly in the field of “health, safety and environment”.

Manager of NilsunKish company

Masoud Khatibi fard